25 Apr / 2017

Making Your Blood Boil: Decompression Sickness

Making Your Blood Boil

How well do you cope with being under pressure? Does it make your blood boil? Do you keep calm like a Soviet astronaut pulling a cool move out of The Martian?


From Polynesian pearl diving taravana and the discovery of Boyle’s Law, Horrific History co-hosts Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender uncork the most explosive and gory details of decompression sickness in history. To help you acclimate to the increased squeam-atmospheres of pressure, they begin with animal experimentation, caisson disease, Nazi Germany experiments involving (live?) human brain dissection and the first Russian space walk. But don’t worry, they also include the nitty gritty details you’ve wondered about including “the bends,” avascular bone necrosis, blindness and paralysis. This episode has all the explosive details and the violent dismemberment you’d expect to find in humanity’s horrific history, including accounts of the Byford Dolphin incident and Japan Airlines 123! Just remember: No squeam allowed!


Join us as we delve into this Horrific History episode through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more), and come back again in two weeks to join us as our co-hosts engage in a trivia duel on the truth behind famous deaths!
Horrific History Podcast

Some of our favorite resources from this week’s episode (you can find more in our Store):

MythBusters’ Compressed Diver *Gory* video referred to in our episode.

Commercial break music by Dead but Dreaming.

Slideshow photo of Byford Dolphin Death Picture from Documenting Reality

An Experiment on a Bird in an Air Pump Painting By Joseph Wright of DerbyNational Gallery, London, Public Domain, Link



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