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After a long absence we’re happy to report the Horrific History Podcast isn’t dead yet! We’re not just a footnote in the history of podcasts you used to be able to download but left you “starvening” for more; a new season is getting ready to rise one more time!

You can look forward to a lot of brand new exciting content this upcoming season, after we pick up where Season 2 dropped into our unexpected hiatus. A listener mail episode, podcast interview cross-overs about which Eric will only vague-cast the teasing details and a Patron-suggested episode will bring us into Season 3 with a lot of fun squeamish delight.

So enjoy a snack while you listen to this new Horrific History Podcast teaser episode for Season 3 through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more). Just remember, no squeam allowed! Watch you podcatcher for our upcoming release when we’ll get back on track and discuss religious relics!

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