11 Apr / 2017

Black Broth & Broken Vines: Rites of Passage

Black Broth & Broken Vines

What would you suffer or risk to become a full member of your community? Would you jump from extreme heights with only a vine to catch you? Would you allow your body to be surgically and permanently changed without the benefits of modern medicine like anesthesia? Would you kill?


Co-hosts Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender discuss real historical rites of passage in this Horrific History episode, covering documented examples from Spartans to more modern accounts of land diving from Papua New Guinea. From extreme heights (and horrible deaths), to murder and ending with genital mutilation we’re covering some of the rituals you may be glad you don’t have to do for your life milestones, right down to the penile subincision. As always: No squeam allowed!


Please Note: This episode does include a rite of passage which, in the cultural myths of its origins which is discussed by our co-hosts, does allude to something which could be interpreted as domestic violence. Further research, after the episode was recorded, revealed high rates of violence against women in that area. If you are a victim of domestic violence of any kind, there is help available. Some of the resources which are available to our listeners will be linked at the bottom of this episode description.


Join us as we delve into this Horrific History episode through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more), and come back again in two weeks to learn about the history of compression and decompression sickness!
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Some of our favorite resources from this week’s episode:


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Slideshow photo from Sparta Reconsidered.

Photo by http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/obf_images/a3/5e/654b8cef7f9db893bdb2efc66ac2.jpgGallery: http://wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/image/M0005682.html, CC BY 4.0, Link:


Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence:

National Domestic Violence Hotline (USA). If you know of a resource for your country which should be listed, please send us a message so we can update our list.



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