9 May / 2017

Poison, Pokers & Pee, Oh My: Death Duel

Poison, Pokers & Pee, Oh My…

The gauntlet has been thrown and the challenge issued. Co-hosts Curtis “Curlystache” Bender and Eric “Iron Fist” Slyter each receive two opportunities to stump their opponent (and you) on horrible deaths and lives of the famous people in history who met those untimely demises. From ancient Egypt and Greece to medieval England and finally ending in 16th Century Denmark, we have suicides, murders, executions and assassinations. Conspiracy theories abound, and you’ll get all the explosive details as we probe history to separate fact from fiction.


A sadistic ruler who had an affinity for toxins, poisons and venom; a deposed king with Arthurian expectations who suffered from rotten luck and terrible choices which would aid a posthumous propaganda campaign; and an eccentric nerd who was willing to defend mathematics at risk of life or limb or suffer great discomfort (and death) to preserve social niceties… this episode has it all! Opium and wolfsbane, royal affairs and anal impalement, we’ve included all the sordid details but remember, no squeam allowed!


Pit your knowledge of historical deaths against that of our co-hosts as you listen to this Horrific History episode through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more); you can tell us how you did on our blog or Facebook page! Join us in two weeks when springtime love is in the air for our kissing cousins (inbreeding) episode!

Horrific History Co-Host Curtis “Curlystache” Bender, as promised, in his moose hat!

Some of our favorite resources from this week’s episode (you can find more in our store here!):

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Slideshow photo Pool photo by Jacob Christensen Ravn/Aarhus University, via European Pressphoto Agency

Blog post photo from Chandra X-Ray Observatory

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