3 Aug / 2017

Patrons Get Perks!

We’re on Patreon!

At long last, Horrific History Podcast is now on Patreon! While our main squeam-filled episodes will always remain free, if we can raise enough financial support from our listeners each month we’ll have the means to develop more merchandise, expand to weekly free episodes, as well as create bonus episodes and content rewards available only to our Patreon supporters!


Depending upon the level of support pledged, a Patron (or Squeamer) can look forward to awesome stuff like:

  • Commercial-Free versions of new podcast episodes
  • Listed by name on our Donor Page
  • Exclusive previews of episodes bi-weekly
  • Swag (stickers, bumper stickers, coffee mugs with more merchandise in the works!)
  • Access to Squeamer-only special episodes and content
  • Personalized video(s) from our co-hosts to you
  • and lots more both now and in the future (we have even more rewards currently in development for after we hit some fundraising milestones)!


Become a Patron!


Each bi-weekly episode receives over 40 hours of volunteer time including research, fact-checking, recording, editing, production elements, copy writing, social media, website maintenance and more! All that work is divided amongst just three volunteers with the majority of the responsibility falling on your co-hosts, Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender. If we are to expand beyond our current level of programming we need to be able to compensate our volunteers for their hard work and offer them the security to be able to devote more time, energy and focus to its further development. To accomplish that goal, we’re hoping to fund this free program PBS-style, through listener-supported programming.


We want to provide you an even better listener experience with improved sound, more frequent episodes and a ton of more regular (and BONUS!) content for our website and social media accounts- but to do that our small 501c3 nonprofit needs to be able to bring Eric and Curtis on as paid staff so they can devote more time to the program without risking starvation and homelessness. Because Kron’s budget goes towards maintaining our other discounted educational programs for underfunded schools, libraries and museums; we simply can’t afford to bring them on as paid staff by ourselves. (Our one and only full-time paid staff, our Executive Director, already receives far less than he needs and deserves; we can’t add more regular staff without outside funding.)


We appreciate all of our listeners. If all you can do is regularly download and listen to our free episodes, write us a positive review, fill out a listener survey and recommend us to a friend that still helps! Things that like that make our podcast more attractive to potential advertisers, which would give us the ability to eventually fund the program through ad revenue. But, if you want to go above and beyond by contributing a few dollars to support our program each month, you’ll get added to our Listener Hall of Fame and all the proceeds will go to providing you more awesome and squeam-filled content!


Thanks for listening and supporting us… Until next time, no squeam allowed!


Become a Patron!


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