10 Oct / 2017

What You’ve Been Missing!

Our co-hosts needed a few more days to finish editing your newest Horrific History Podcast episode, so we’re giving you a small teaser from our recent Patreon-exclusive episode! Listen to Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender tell you about the exciting non-profit program, Haunting Ellensburg, to which they’ve been dedicating so much of their free time!

This ten minute excerpt is just part of the entire 60-minute episode wherein Eric and Curtis talk about how they met and started working together, other programs that they work together on and more!

Check back at the end of this week to hear our episode on children who kill! Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this short excerpt…

To learn more about them, how they met and all they do in their free time you can join our Patreon to get access to the Patreon-exclusive episode released at the end of September and a lot of other fun content!
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