1 Aug / 2017

Leaving You In Stitches, Part 2: Human Tissue Theft

Leaving You in Stitches, Part 2

Day laborer scams in India, exploitation of people in poverty desperate to provide for their families, surgeries and death threats, this episode has the details on human tissue theft you’ve been waiting for! Horrific History co-hosts Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender are back to continue their two-part episode on human tissue theft (if you missed Part 1, you can find it here)! A large organ trafficking ring catering to transplant tourism, the so-called Admiral of the Kansas Navy who made his fortune as a Quaker doctor who peddled virility miracle cures, organ brokers and donors who are viewed as both saints and sinners, this episode will leave you wondering what your body parts are worth and to whom.


Doctor Dracula” stealing kidneys; goat testicles; pseudoscience, doctor self-experimentation and brown elixirs, this episode just might make you gag. Hear about the US-Israeli organ trafficking broker who was taken down over money laundering and how some people still consider his services a mitzvah (good deed). Death threats, hormone treatments, and penal hard labor, this episode has it all. Just remember, no squeam allowed.


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If you are in the USA and interested in learning more about (legal) organ donation, please go here.


If you are interested in the movie Curtis saw about the Admiral of the Kansas Navy, you can find Nuts! on Amazon here:


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