28 Feb / 2017

One Night with Venus, Pt. 2

One Night with Venus, Part 2

We’re now on Part 2 of our Valentine’s Day debut with our co-hosts, Eric Slyter and Curtis Bender, continuing their discussion on period accounts in western culture of the historical description of symptoms and gruesome historical treatments of gonorrhea and syphilis (and modern media representations of them)! This episode primarily covers accounts from the Renaissance to more modern history including receiving purple flowers, masks and prosthetic noses, animal gut condoms, and historical poultices for testicular swelling. And if that’s not gross enough for you, we’re also covering urethral lavage, gonorrheal aprons, pustules, rotting brains and mobsters! Listen to Part 2 of our 2-part debut episode through your favorite podcast service or on our website (below)! Did you miss Part 1? Find it here: One Night with Venus, Part 1

Just can’t get enough? In two weeks we’ll release our episode on winter cannibalism!

In the meantime, if you want to see some of the sources our hosts discussed in today’s episode, here are some of our favorite links…. but remember this: No Squeam Allowed!

Here are some of our favorite sources of information:

As always, if you do decide to spend a night with Venus (or anyone else for that matter), safe(r) sex practices greatly reduce the likelihood of contracting STDs or STIs.
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