14 Aug / 2018

Forbidden Shmershmidden: Forbidden Places

Do you like to push boundaries? Would you go to, and stay in, an area which was legally designated as “off-limits”? If the location was reputed to be haunted, would that spook you out of staying the night? Our co-hosts, Eric Slyter and Jordan Watney, explore areas forbidden to the general public in this brand new Horrific History Podcast episode. What mysterious circumstances caused the destruction and abandonment of the Bhangarh Fort? What Italian island has been reputably haunted by its history with wars, plague and insane asylums? Are the existing rumors and stories about the locations fanciful superstition priming our perception, or is there something more to explain the reported phenomenon which make many visitors squeam?


Join us as we dig through the records of history, looking for celestial events and natural disasters for explanations for curses and ghost stories from an Indian city and fortification. Could natural events which brought famine & disease be conflated with supernatural influence? Will we have a bone to pick with legends about Poveglia Island when we try to verify accounts of cannibalism and torture, or can we verify their accuracy?


Holy men and evil wizards, wars and disease, mass graves and medical experiments… this episode has a lot of facts and legends to keep you entertained. So sit down in front of the campfire and make some s’mores while we tell you ghost stories and the real events which inspired them. Just remember, no squeam allowed! Join us again in two weeks when we’ll explore the horrible history of birth control.


(Jordan sincerely apologizes to all those she may have offended with her “total inability to ever, in a single instance, pronounce “Bhangarh” or any associated names/locations correctly” during this podcast recording. It seems all her diligent practice on proper pronunciation only cemented the incorrect habits!)


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