13 Jun / 2017

Episode of a Thousand Downloads: Sawney Bean

Episode of a Thousand Downloads: Sawney Bean

What kinds of milestones come to mind when you think of 1000? Do you think of scientific achievements, sports statistics or something else? For Horrific History, it isn’t surprising that when we recently exceeded our 1000th download milestone we thought of murder, cannibalism, incest and the folk tale of Sawney Bean. As a special thank you to our loyal listeners who have made this all possible we’re releasing a special edition bonus episode with a slightly different format as co-hosts Curtis Bender and Eric Slyter examine this old legend and its origins.


A multi-generational incest family, murder, cannibalism, executions, amputations and more… you’ll hear all the horrible details, right down to the depths of the cannibal family’s caves. So sit down, dim the lights, and join us through one of your favorite podcast services (iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more) as we celebrate our 1000th download with this special edition episode. We hope you enjoy the break from our usual format and join us next week for our “bad dads” episode! Just remember, no squeam allowed!


We’d also like to give a special thank you to our listeners who, as of the publishing date (not the recording date) of this episode, have included representation from 17 countries and 31 states of the USA (full list at the bottom of this episode description).

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Here are some of our favorite resources for this episode (you can find more in our store here!):


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Blog post photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository, Public Domain.

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What countries, states and territories are we celebrating during our 1000th download special (locations divided up as reflected in our statistics and by number of downloads)?

Countries: USA; Canada; Japan; Australia; Germany; United Kingdom; Sweden; Norway; Virgin Islands, U.S.; Lithuania; Malaysia; Switzerland; Turkey; Israel; New Zealand; Brazil and Ireland!

USA: California, Washington, Oregon, Massachusetts, Illinois, Connecticut, Wisconsin, Florida, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado, New Hampshire, Kansas, South Carolina, Arizona, Utah, Maryland, Arkansas, North Dakota, Hawaii, Georgia, Michigan, New Jersey, Kentucky and Nebraska!

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